About Vameon

Nestled in the heart of the UAE, in the bustling city of Dubai, lies the headquarters of Vameon, a game studio that’s not just about play, but revolution. Our diverse and expanding international team boasts over 20 seasoned specialists and developers, each dedicated to redefining the gaming experience.

At the core of Vameon’s innovative approach is our unwavering focus on blockchain games (dApps). But why blockchain? The answer is simple: empowerment. Leveraging the power of blockchain, we ensure that the game account is solely in the hands of its rightful owner, the players, governed by the NFT tokens linked to it.

Drawing inspiration from the allure of the vampire lore, Vameon crafts an unparalleled metaverse—the dEmpire of Vampire. Venture into a realm where every corner reveals a new mystery, every shadow hides a story, and every experience is uniquely yours.

Our mission goes beyond entertainment. We aim to foster the mass adoption of crypto technologies within the gaming industry, enabling every player to truly own their game account, characters, and their hard-earned achievements.

Our ultimate vision? A ground-breaking decentralized game where players globally are captivated by with an enthralling narrative powered by blockchain. The dEmpire of Vampire. No diversions, no third-party tools, just a holistic in-game experience where players have complete access to crypto functionalities seamlessly integrated into the game. 

Prepare yourself.
The World of Darkness, reimagined for the modern era, awaits you!