Your game account will be directly linked to your crypto wallet address for interaction with NFT tokens which are used in the game.
There is no need to be authorized before starting the game, we do not ask you to use email, phone number or other personal data to create an account and authorization, that is why we do not collect or store your data, your account in the game will be anonymous.
After passing the 1st level, you will need to have a crypto wallet address to which your character’s NFT token will be transferred, that is why a secure non-custodial crypto wallet will be created for you and only you will have access to it.
If you already have a crypto wallet such as Trust Wallet, MetaMask or another non-custodial crypto wallet, then you can authorize with the existing crypto wallet.
Only a non-custodial (decentralized) crypto wallet is created and supported in the game, which means that only you have access to the wallet and its assets, as the owner of your Seed Phrase, which is generated when you create a crypto wallet. Be sure to make a backup copy of your crypto wallet after creation by saving your Seed Phrase.
Keep your Seed Phrase in a safe place and never show it to anyone.
You can always authorize in the game again after deleting it or from a new device by importing your crypto wallet via the Seed Phrase consisting of words, and thus you will not lose your character and the earlier reached level in the game but continue playing from the same place where you stopped and with the same character.
The crypto wallet and all NFT tokens in the game run on the Polygon blockchain.


You start the game as a basic character, a Ghoul. At the end of the 1st level, you will create your own unique character by choosing a name, gender, and clan. You will also apply the clothes and weapons, collected on the 1st level to your character and if desired, you can customize its appearance and physique. Your character will become an NFT token of the 1st Level that will be stored only on your crypto wallet address. At the end of each level, you will update your character and at the same time your NFT token will be also updated.

The character that you play and you improve during the game belongs to you, because you initially own it as the owner of your crypto wallet Seed Phrase.

The status of a player and the level of a character is determined by the presence of an NFT token on the linked crypto wallet.

The game will recognize you as a new player if your game account’s linked crypto wallet address does not contain the character’s NFT token. Therefore, do not transfer the character’s NFT token to other addresses via third-party crypto wallets without the need.
A character marketplace will appear in the game in future, where you will be able to sell and buy NFT characters with linked NFT tokens.