Mass Adoption


Our Mission

Our main goal is the mass adoption of crypto in classic game mechanics, where a player will be able to get acquainted with blockchain technologies and feel the benefits of decentralization and Web3, without breaking away from high-quality gameplay.


Industry Shortcomings

The field of crypto and NFT projects is gradually diving into gaming sector and seeks to attract classic players audience, who have not previously come into contact with crypto and NFT.

There are very few crypto and NFT games with real working Play-to-Earn mechanics at the moment, and all of it have a high and difficult entry barrier for players. Gaming projects ask you to sign up, connect your wallet, make an initial purchase or make a deposit, subscribe, etc. At the same time, there is no transparency in further income accrual or NFTs and tokens management for a player, and sometimes a player remains hopeful that all the promises will be kept.

Existing crypto games are primarily focused on creating crypto mechanics and ensuring income for a project, what has a bad effect on the quality of the game itself, if it comes to release the game at all, everything often remains just on paper. Even if someone managed to release a game, then usually we face that the gameplay and graphics suffer, and it seems that a game is not initially developed to be interesting with an exciting scenario and have the game mechanics balance. As a result, such games were overestimated and had some popularity only on hype of the first wave of NFTs, which ended quite quickly, which ultimately led to either the projects closure or abandonment and players disappointment.
All these factors have adversely effected on the NFT gaming industry and have spoiled the experience for the entire gaming community. On the other hand, players are now approaching crypto games more carefully, setting higher expectations for it, which makes the crypto gaming industry better and more competitive. Even we see that there are no really cool NFT games yet, perhaps someone is working hard on it at the moment.


Our Advantages

Our team has taken into account the experience of NFT projects and is working to create a high-quality Web3 game, with the main focus on gameplay and narrative, providing a low entry threshold for any player. Registration and additional steps are not required to start the game – just download, play, and enjoy.

All the expenses that are needed to create NFT-characters and cover gas fees for token transfers within the game will be covered by our team, so that a player would not be burdened with new terms from the crypto industry and would have an easy entry threshold. Moreover, we have integrated the self-custodial (decentralized) crypto wallet into the game, where a player’s NFT assets are stored, and only the player himself has access to his or her wallet and assets. Thus, a player does not need to connect a third-party wallet with the game, everything is already in one place, simple, convenient and safe!

However, if the player is already familiar with Web3 games and uses the same crypto wallet across different games, they have the option to seamlessly connect their crypto wallet to our game using the secure WalletConnect protocol. We have designed this process to be as user-friendly and hassle-free as possible, ensuring that players have the independence to make decisions in the Web3 space.