VON token by Vameon

VON by Vameon is the ecosystem utility token issued on the Polygon Chain. VON token carries utility features to create the Play-to-Earn model in the NFT Metaverse dEmpire of Vampire, created and maintained by Vameon studio.

VON Indicators

Total Supply

1,000,000,000,000 VON



Current Price

Market Cap

Fully Diluted Market Cap

Trading Volume 24h

VON Token Utility in the Game

1. Marketplace

All sales and purchases transactions of NFT characters in the game marketplace will take place in VON tokens. The marketplace will have fees in VON tokens for each completed transaction.

2. Buying NFT-Earn

Players will be able to purchase an NFT-Earn token for VON tokens for 30% less than making a similar in-app purchase via Google Play and App Store.

3. Additional levels

Additional game missions will be available for VON token holders, in particular, returning back to completed levels in another dimension with farming ability.

4. Rewards

The income in VON tokens by Vameon will be distributed every 3 months from the game pool among active players who meet the required conditions. More details in the 1st paragraph of the Play-to-Earn section – Income accrual.

5. Staking

Players will be able to participate in staking programs by staking their VON tokens for certain periods and receiving passive income in VON tokens at APR and APY rates.

VON Token Metrics

VON Token Allocation

The Timelock contract and multi-signers addresses

The owner address of the Vameon contract is set to the TimelockController contract address.

The TimelockController contract has one proposer – multi-signature wallet address.

The only admin of the TimelockController contract is itself. The minimum delay of the TimelockController is 48 hours.

Mainnet TimelockController address: 0xBB0C21527eBDc3a7190f7eE14F38F566bB474AaC

The VON contract code was designed to mint all tokens to a single address. It assumed that this one address is a multi-signature contract (2/3).

Mainnet Multi-signature wallet address: 0x1530b5c41Ef8408d512BB696A965cE3fECB033Ca


TGE and the start of distribution is scheduled for June 26, 2024!