You start playing the game with the lowest vampire status where you begin your journey as a Ghoul without a name, gender, and clan, without clothes and weapons, climbing the hierarchical ladder, moving towards the goal to become the Great Count Dracula.

You must go through various missions, fighting with enemies to become stronger and more experienced and killing victims to replenish vital blood supplies. You will find different items of clothes and weapons on each level, that you can apply to your vampire on the next level, after completing the current one. On the higher levels, you will face battles with online players, as well as making alliances for creating your own vampire community.

If you plan to use Play2Earn game reward model in future, then it is very important to increase your Earn Ratio during your journey in the game, which has its own maximum achievable values on each level. Each level has both minimum required missions, the passage of which is mandatory to move to the next level, and optional missions which directly influence on your ratio increase. If you have missed optional missions on the previous level, then you will never be able to return and complete it, so your ratio will not be able to meet the maximum possible value. Moreover, any in-game purchase will increase your Earn Ratio.


What's Next

After reaching the status of the Count Dracula, the 2nd phase of the game will be opened for you, where you will be able to receive VON tokens by Vameon, if you have an additional NFT-Earn token and depending on Earn Ratio achieved during the 1st phase of the game. You can find more details about it in Play-to-Earn section.


VON tokens will be traded on crypto exchanges and have liquidity on DEX platforms.

Users who are focused only on direct earning in the game can not pass the 1st phase of the game, but immediately purchase an NFT character from users via the in-game marketplace.

NFT characters can be sold and bought on the marketplace but only that have passed through the 1st phase of the game.