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From Ghoul to Count Dracula

Embrace Darkness on Mobile

Unveil a realm of darkness and power, in dEmpire of Vampires mobile dApp. Ascend from humble Ghoul origins to Vampire lord, battling foes and hunting prey. Harness the power of the Polygon blockchain and turn your conquests into NFTs, character skins, and cryptocurrency rewards. Ready to claim your empire?




The clan of alien origin. Alien entities that have settled on Earth since ancient times, voluntarily turned into vampires for the sake of studying and gaining unique experience.


The clan of alien origin. Suspicious and out of mind, this clan is subject to foreign influence. They easily absorb the external energy and transform the original features into their own qualities.


The clan of elite and nobles. The intelligentsia and aristocrats of the vampire community, successors of patrimonial legacy, in whose veins blue blood flows.


Clan of secret and knowledge keepers. They skillfully control their victims, using medicine and snake cunning.


The clan of ambitious mystics that do not shun anything on their way to power. They are a serious threat to the official authorities and goverment. Competitive, aggressive and cruel mystics.

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