The First level

The actions on the 1st level take place on the location of England in the present days in the heart of London.

Waking up after a long hibernation on the Moon, where vampires were expelled from Earth in the Middle Ages, your vampire returns to Earth in the city of London and turns into a Ghoul. The vampire is exhausted, remembers nothing of his origin and is completely naked. You need to gain strength, find clothes and weapons and then you can choose your gender and clan, relying on your instincts at the end of the level.

There are free and paid clans that will be available in the game. A paid clan will have improved skills, animations and NFT items, making your character stand out.

Attention: After passing the 1st level and creating an NFT character, you will no longer be able to change your gender and clan on the current account.

Complete the required missions of the 1st level:

  1. Take power from 5 enemies
    Find and kill enemies, gain experience, earn fame and take their power.
  2. Drink blood from 5 victims
    Find and kill victims to take their blood and replenish your blood bank.
  3. Find 4 NFTs
    Find 3 pieces of clothes and 1 weapon.
  4. Final

Create a name, choose a gender and a clan, create an NFT character and receive an NFT token to your crypto wallet address.
Welcome to the World of Darkness! Start your journey as a vampire!