In-app Purchases

The game is free and there are no mandatory purchases. You can fully enjoy the game without making any purchases, but some features will only be available after making a purchase. Creating a good quality game is a very expensive pleasure, and we hope that you realize that the presence of monetization in the game is an absolutely usual and acceptable parameter that allows to maintain and develop the game. We would be glad if you will make some unexpensive in-game purchases from time to time to help us to create new levels.

There are 2 types of purchases in the game:

  • Consumable purchase. Purchase of inventory and abilities that are not NFT tokens and are comparable to purchases in classic games. These purchases are needed if a player wants to go beyond publicly available and free allocated features and they are made via the in-game currency Blood, which can be obtained in the game for free or bought via the store. For instance, purchasing additional customization of your character during its creation, additional health points, magic abilities, amulets, choice of closed missions and clans etc.
  • Non-consumable purchase. NFT items purchase for a character in a form of clothes items, magic props, and weapons. The main sets of NFT items in the game are free and you can get it just by playing and passing levels. But you can also buy additional NFT items that will make your character stand out and improve its stats. These purchases will be accompanied by an NFT token transfer to your crypto wallet address, so this purchase will be non-consumable and will belong to you as an NFT token.