The dEmpire of Vampire game has Play-to-Earn earning model for active players.
There are two ways of earning for users:


1. Income accrual

The income in VON tokens by Vameon will be distributed every 3 months from the game pool among active players who meet the required conditions:

Having an NFT-character above level 8

A player can create their own NFT-character in the game and update their NFT-token with each passing level, eventually reaching the 9th level. Also, a player can buy a ready-made NFT-character with the required parameters from another player via Marketplace, in order not to waste time and efforts on passing the game. 

Having NFT-Earn

NFT-Earn is a token that identifies the owner of the investment and gives the right to earn money. NFT-Earn token can be purchased on IGO, which will be held on specialized platforms. The number of NFT-Earn on IGO will be limited to 69,000 tokens.

Having required Earn Ratio

Earn Ratio is the rate of return accumulated by the player during the game. The ratio determines the amount of distributed rewards for a player. A player can achieve the required Earn Ratio by actively playing the game with their NFT-character or buying a ready-made NFT-character with the required Earn Ratio from another player via the Marketplace.


2. Selling an NFT-character​

All created characters in the game are updatable NFT tokens which belong to the player as the owner of the crypto wallet address and have a certain value.

Selling NFT on third-party marketplaces

A player can put his or her NFT-character up for sale on existing NFT-marketplaces, such as OpenSea at any time by setting the desired value. When selling or sending NFT tokens from their game account address, a player will not be able to continue playing with this NFT-character, as theu will no longer own it.

Selling NFT in the game

When the in-game marketplace is developed, players will be able to list their NFT-characters for sale to other players. Only NFT-characters above 6th level with the required Earn Ratio will be listed on the marketplace, what gives a buyer a guarantee of potential income after purchase. All operations on the in-game marketplace will be made in VON tokens by Vameon.

NFT private sale

NFT-character is a crypto token, and a player has the right to dispose on their own and no one can restrict them to do this. The owner of NFT-token can always transfer his or her token to another address, for the purpose of private sale or simply change the storage address. It is important to understand that only the owner of the NFT-token can log in to the game account and continue playing with the NFT-character inherent to this NFT-token.


Gaming Pool

PvP Arena

Players can expect the introduction of the PvP Arena on the 3rd level. Here, online players will form alliances and engage in real-time battles with each other. The PvP Arena is divided into rooms, where each room belongs to a specific sect. In rooms of their own sect, players create alliances with each other as members of the same sect, while in rooms of other sects, players battle against each other as members of different sects. Players choose their sect at the end of the 2nd level and can not change their choice within the current account.

Players are provided with a certain number of alliance formations and battles for free. Conducting additional PvP activities will cost blood for players, which will be deposited into reserve storage, forming the Blood Bank.

Blood Bank

Each sect has its own Blood Bank, which is independent from other sects. The Blood Bank is replenished via the creation of alliances and conducting battles on the PvP arena. The more players belong to one sect and the more alliances are created there, the larger the sect’s common fund. The more battles take place in the sect, the larger the Blood Bank of that sect is.

The Blood Bank is not just the status of your sect, which shows the power and population of your sect, but primarily, it is a real gaming pool that will be linked to VON tokens. VON tokens, in turn, will be used to reward players who meet the necessary conditions in the future. Specifically, the presence of an NFT character on a player’s wallet, determining the 8th level or higher, and the presence of NFT-Earn on the same wallet, determining the right to receive a reward.

The rewards will be paid from the gaming pool of VON tokens, directly linked to the Blood Bank of your sect. The amount of rewards will be calculated from the gaming pool, based on the player’s Earn Ratio achieved during the gameplay.

Cultism encourages players to communicate in the real world and recruit newcomers to their sect in order to increase its size and, consequently, the size of their Blood Bank.



The project issue 69 000 special NFT-Earn tokens (NFTs for the Right to Earn), providing players the right to earn income.

Thus, no more than 69 000 players who own NFT-Earn tokens will be able to earn income from the Gaming treasury Pool, creating a significant deficit among a large number of players (10 million players within 2 years forecast).

The initial sale of NFT-Earn will take place only on the official website of the Vameon project The project cannot control the secondary token distribution market and private sales, and token owners have the right to resell their NFT-Earn through any existing platforms, such as

The NFT-Earn tokens distribution will take place in 3 phases:

Phase 1

  • Sales are open. Price ~ $100

Phase 2

  • Not available yet. Price ~ $200

Phase 3

  • Not available yet. Price ~ $300

The price of NFT-Earn will be set higher with each further phase.

After the sale of all NFT-Earn tokens, an in-game marketplace for P2P sales will be launched.

The marketplace will host auctions where NFT-Earn token owners will set their initial selling price and execution period.

With over 1 million players by mid-2024, the demand for purchasing NFT-Earn tokens will exceed the supply by 15 times, ensuring high activity in auctions and extraordinary profitability for initial NFT-Earn owners.

Join the Vampire Metaverse and become one of the first NFT-Earn holders to watch from the Count Dracula’s throne as your rewards increase along with the growth of the Vampire army and Treasury’s capitalization!