dEmpire of Vampire Wows @ DevGAMM 2023

Against the backdrop of Lisbon’s scenic coast at DevGAMM 2023 on November 16-17, dEmpire of Vampire made waves as it took part in the renowned conference’s showcase corner. The team presented the newest version of their mobile game, actively seeking player reactions and valuable feedback.

DevGAMM 2023 provided an ideal setting for collaboration, and dEmpire of Vampire seized the opportunity to connect with industry peers, sharing insights and experiences. Attendees visiting the showcase corner were treated to an exclusive preview of the updated game, highlighting the team’s commitment to delivering an immersive experience. Real-time fixes were swiftly implemented based on immediate player feedback, showcasing the team’s dedication to refining gameplay dynamically.

dEmpire of Vampire‘s developers actively engaged with players, gauging reactions to new features and ensuring the game exceeded expectations. The DevGAMM showcase corner also served as a platform to clarify the game’s concept, with the team enthusiastically sharing the unique narrative and gameplay mechanics that set dEmpire of Vampire apart.