Crypto Vampires at the TOKEN2049 conference

Vameon Studio has attended TOKEN2049 event in Singapore, where we established new connections and presented the key principles of our project aimed at crypto mass adoption within our product – the NFT Metaverse – “dEmpire of Vampire”.

Our primary goal is to to bring crypto to masses via classic gaming mechanics, enabling players to engage with blockchain technology while enjoying a high-quality gaming experience.

Drawing inspiration from the vampire setting, our Vameon studio, is crafting a truly unique metaverse. In this captivating world, mystical events await you! “dEmpire of Vampire” is a mobile 3D game available on iOS and Android platforms, featuring a blend of Action-RPG and Fighting genres, NFT characters, and a Play-to-Earn gaming business model, based on blockchain technologies.

Our team had taken lessons from previous NFT projects and is dedicated to creating a genuinely high-quality game. We place a strong emphasis on gameplay and narrative, ensuring a low entry barrier for every player. Registration and additional steps are not required to begin playing – just download, play, and enjoy.

Welcome to the World of Darkness in a modern format!