Release of Dungeons

A thrilling new activity that becomes available after completing missions at the 3rd level. Dive into the depths and uncover hidden secrets.

🌕 Get ready for a new challenge – the metro has plunged into darkness, and enemies are trying to break into our Basilica! With our latest update, you’ll need to descend into the metro and defend your home from the attack.

🤓 Explore Underground Mazes: Use the metro map to travel from station to station. Each corner of the underground hides its own dangers and surprises!

🔥 Battle Enemy Groups: Engage in turn-based battles, using your unique skills and tactics. Show the enemies who the real predator is!

🩸 Collect Rewards: Grab valuable trophies and rewards hidden at each station.

🐦‍⬛️ Defend the Basilica: Keep our haven safe by taking down all who dare to enter. The fate of our home depends on you!

🖤 Don’t miss this exciting update! Join the hunt, dive into the metro, and show the enemies that messing with you is a bad idea!

❤️ Download the latest update now and immerse yourself deeper into the darkness.