The release of the 2nd Level “Basilica Gardens”

Well, are you ready for the next level? It’s time to crawl out of your crypts and coffins, and welcome the new “Basilica Gardens” level!

The huge new location of the 2nd level will immerse you in truly amazing adventures and provide plenty of emotions. Your vampire will have to fight with new enemies, encounter new victims and explore new interesting mechanics.

New dangerous obstacles await you in the game, such as:

  • Burning rays of sunlight and a protective Shadow Spell;
  • Abode of holy water and protective Mummy’s Spell.
    Sunlight and Holy Water harm the vampire, taking its HP and to protect yourself from the dangerous effects, you will be offered protective Spells.

After completing the 2nd level, you will have to choose a sect, one of the two available at the moment, with the subsequent update of your NFT character and NFT token.

Come on, Ghoul, you are getting closer and closer to your cherished goal of becoming Count Dracula!