(closed) Middle 3D Artist (Environment)

Type: Contract
Location: Remote

Job requirements

  • Middle role in a team of 3D artists, experienced in the area of expertise, ensuring familiarity with all the common asset types.
  • 2+ years of 3D modelling experience, with at least 1 year in game development as a middle artist.
  • Strong portfolio showcasing relevant work.

Professional Skills

  • Solid understanding of modelling principles and expertise in developing game-friendly 3D models, ensuring:
    • suitability for skeletal animation;
    • awareness of game-specific limitations and optimizations (e.g., popping mitigation in LODs switch or common techniques like texture atlasing);
    • compatibility with Unity-specific best practices designed to account for the engine’s intricacies and peculiarities (e.g., naming conventions).
  • Solid experience creating realistic yet mobile-friendly 3D models of environments and props, of various complexities.
  • Fluency with texture mapping / UV unwrapping and texture baking workflows.

Soft Skills

  • Proven ability to collaborate with artists, animators and developers to ensure intended asset integration into Unity projects.

Software stack

  • Maya/Unity. Proficiency in Maya and at least strong familiarity with Unity are essential.
  • Familiarity with overall Maya-to-Unity workflow (on the content side), including awareness of import/export processes, asset optimization and material setup.
  • Supporting software: Zbrush, Substance Designer/Painter, Photoshop.
  • Software of your choice for efficient UV-mapping (RizomUV / headus UVLayout).

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