dEmpire of Vampire at Reboot Develop Blue Dubrovnik 2024

Dubrovnik, April 25, 2024 – This past weekend, dEmpire of Vampire, the 3D mobile game developed by Vameon Studio, made waves at the boutique Reboot Develop Blue conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
The conference brought together some of the coolest developers from around the world, providing an excellent platform for networking and knowledge-sharing. Croatia, known for its stunning landscapes and historic charm, proved to be a vampire-friendly destination, setting the perfect backdrop for engaging discussions on Web3 games and the future of gaming.

One of the standout moments was the pitching session, where our Art Director had the opportunity to showcase dEmpire of Vampire’s unique artistic vision and gameplay mechanics to industry experts and fellow developers.

Aside from the conference, attendees also enjoyed the fantastic weather and positive atmosphere in Croatia, which further fueled inspiration and creativity.

“We had an incredible experience at Reboot Develop Blue,” said Serge Dragunov, the Art Director at Vameon Studio. “The event provided us with invaluable feedback and insights that will guide us in enhancing the game and delivering an exceptional experience to our players.”

dEmpire of Vampire continues to push boundaries in mobile gaming, and events like Reboot Develop Blue are instrumental in shaping its future.