The release of the 3rd Level “Basilica Temple: PvP Alliances & Battles”

Hey Ghouls, we hope you weren’t too bored!

🥳 So, welcome the release of the 3rd level of MVP Basilica Temple!

Update 📱App Store or 🛒Google Play

🏃‍♂️ This is not just a scenario level for a one-time playthrough, but a full-fledged PvP zone for ongoing online activities.

🌕 After completing the 2nd level, you enter the Basilica and choose your sect. The events of the 3rd level will take place precisely inside the Basilica, which has 7 zones.

Let’s highlight the 2 main zones of the Basilica:

🤝 Coven
Each sect has its own coven, and you can only enter the coven of your own sect. The coven is a safe place for you, where you can meet vampires from your sect, enjoy dances and music, communicate with the bartender and have a cocktail, or spend time with gambling at the slot machine. The main activity in the coven is creating alliances between vampires.

The more alliances a sect has, the more powerful and stronger it becomes. Alliance members can distribute free blood among themselves, which will be periodically allocated for these purposes from the sect’s treasury. The number of alliances per player is limited, so try to form alliances with the most active partner players.

🩸 Arena
The battleground for battles between vampires. Vampires from different sects can enter the arena, choose their opponent, and engage in battle. To enter the arena, you need to pay a blood fee, which will return to you with a bonus in case of victory, and in case of defeat, it will replenish the treasury of the winning sect. If you are inside the arena, it means you are ready for battle by default, and any vampire can challenge you without your consent.

With the arrival of the PvP Arena, players will have profiles of statistics that can be analyzed before forming an alliance or starting a battle, and the introduction of game rankings will create an era of competition among vampires and awaken the desire to take the lead on the alley of fame!

P.S.: Please note that this is a level 3 MVP that will be improved and expanded!